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Brisk: Tue 2/11 10:00am. MC-Maltby-Woodinville-N Creek 32 miles & 1400 ft. GOOD TO GO & MISS YOUR SMILE

  • 10 Feb 2020 4:07 PM
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    Brisk Rides (16-18mph): Please arrive at 9:50 am to get ready and sign waiver form.  We'll departure at 10:00 am from Mill Creek Sport Park.  13903 N. Creek Dr., Mill Creek, WA 98012.

    Restrooms are available at the start. We'll stop at Maltby Park for restrooms/snack miles 12 and Wilmot Gateway Park restrooms miles 19

    We'll ride to Lowell Larimer Rd, climb on Broadway to Woodinville, and back along North Creek.  Lunch will be after ride at Central Market with other groups if interested.

    Our goal will be staying together, we'll climb and descent hills at our pace and regroup as needed.  

    Riders are expected to be independent and self sufficient.  Bring spare tubes and tools to fix your own flats or have an emergency backup plan, just in case. Bring a copy of the route and cue sheet.  Fenders for wet day or you will be asked to ride at the rear of the group.

    Please check updates for weather and ride cancelation.

    Ride Leader: Linda Thiem (425)533-8100, Lindavt22@gmail.com, a
    nd mentor by Drew Ellison.


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