B.I.K.E.S. Club of
Snohomish County

Welcome new members and guests

Non-members are welcome to visit the club for a ride or a meeting.  For insurance purposes non-members are invited guests the first time they participate in a scheduled club ride.  If you like us enough to come on a second or subsequent ride, please join the club.  Member benefits:

  •  Recreational bike rides hosted year-round by friendly, experienced ride leaders
  • Membership in Ride with GPS, an on-line tool that allows bicyclists to plan, navigate and share bike routes
  • Multi-day tours to interesting places organized by members, for members
  • Discounted registration for McClinchy Mile Bicycle Ride
  • Access to a bike trailer or bike box for travel
  • Discounts at some local bike shops

Your B.I.K.E.S. Club membership supports:

  •  A voice in bike advocacy and safety to our local cities and county
  •  Grants for education, safety and bike programs such as Sharing Wheels Community Bike Shop and helmets for low-income kids at Christmas House
  •   The insurance, website, equipment storage, and other organizational infrastructure that make a non-profit, all-volunteer bike club possible.
Membership in B.I.K.E.S. Club of Snohomish County costs $25 for an individual and $35 for a family. Sign up for membership online.

Support your local bike club by joining B.I.K.E.S. of Snohomish County today. 

Non-members who attend multiple rides are excluded from BIKES' accident and liability insurance and put our ride leaders in an awkward position. Don't do that. 

E-Bike Riders Read This:  E-bike riders and Ride Leaders should understand the BIKES Club e-bike policy.

Maximize Your BIKES Club Experience

If you are feeling left out of BIKES Club communications, you have a few options to improve the information you get from the club:

  • Do you want to know when someone posts a new ride or makes a change to the Ride Updates page?
1.     Visit the Ride Updates page.
2.     Click on the “Subscribe to Forum” link on the right side of the page across from the "Create Topic" button.
3.     You will be prompted to log-in (use the email address where you get club e-mail and your password).
4.     Go to the Member Only section / Member Profile page of the website.  
5.     Click the “Edit Profile” button and the “Email Subscriptions” link to how often you receive updates. 
6.     Set “Ride Updates” to be delivered “immediately.”
7.     Click the “Save” button at the bottom.
8.     Now you will get an e-mail sent to you when someone posts a new ride or adds a change to the Ride Updates page.
  • If you would like to get the Chainwheel Chatter E-newsletter e-mailed to you as soon as it comes out:

    1.     Login to www.bikesclub.org.

    2.     Select “View Profile” in the upper right corner.

    3.     Select “Edit Profile”.

    4.     Scroll down to the “Additional Information” section and click on the Yes for E-newsletter.

    5.     Scroll back up and select “E-Mail Subscriptions”.

    6.     Check boxes for what may interest you.  I suggest checking all boxes for the fullest club experience.

    7.     For the selections under the Forum Subscriptions, be sure the “Immediately” option is selected in the pull-down menus.

    • You can also access Chainwheel Chatter newsletters on our website:

    1.     Login to www.bikesclub.org.

    2.     Select “Newsletters” under the “About Us” tab.

    3.     Links for the archived newsletters are available for your selection.

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