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This list of tours is tentative - organizers need to hear from you that you are interested, or a tour may be canceled. If there is an RSVP date, contact the Tour Leader by that date to express your interest and confirm details.

Be sure to check Ride Updates Forum, Forums, and BIKES Facebook group. Tour Leaders may post potential tour information to any of these seeking input on dates, destinations, or routes. If in doubt, contact the Tour Leader directly.

Tour Tips

  • Tours are for members of B.I.K.E.S. Club of Snohomish County - we welcome you to join the club!  Then, make sure your membership stays up to date! 
  • Riders cover their own costs for food and lodging and share transportation costs if applicable (for SAG or carpools). 
  • Riders typically make their own hotel/motel/camping reservations.
  • Have your bike in good repair and be ready to ride the terrain and the distances involved. 
  • Everyone should have the equipment and know how to deal with a flat tire.  
  • If you want to diverge from the intended routes, plan to communicate with the ride leader and be able to find your own way.

HS = hub & spoke (stay all nights in one hotel/motel or campground)

Credit Card = stay in hotel/motel, SAG luggage or carry your own

Self-contained = haul your own luggage for camping

BIKES Club rides and tours are for BIKES Club members only. If you're not a club member, you can easily JOIN HERE and then join us on our club rides and tours!

The fine print: insurance disclaimer

  • Rides of more than one day are considered a tour.
  • A tour shall not exceed 5 consecutive days of bicycling per insurance limitations.  
  • Tours over 5 consecutive days of bicycling require approval by our insurance provider.
  • All BIKES Club rides and tours are limited to the USA only per our insurance provider.

    Upcoming Tours

      • 07 Oct 2024
      • 9:00 AM
      • 10 Oct 2024
      • 6:00 PM
      • Bend Oregon and Environs
      • 1

      Central Oregon Scenic Bikeways Hub and Spoke Tour

      Oregon State Parks has designated several rides around the state as Scenic Bikeways that feature beautiful scenery, state history, and smaller communities.  They are spread all around the state, but there is a cluster within easy driving distance of Bend.

      This hub and spoke tour is an opportunity to ride four of Central Oregon’s Scenic Bikeways without having to pack overnight gear. Three of the rides are similar in length and elevation gain to many of our Tuesday steady and moderate pace club rides.  All you need to carry for each ride is the normal stuff for a day ride.  All routes are 100% paved.  The intent is that the rides, particularly the first three, are accessible to most steady and moderate club members that ride regularly. The fourth one is longer and more suitable for regular moderate pace riders.

      The tour is set up on the calendar as rides on four consecutive days.  Don’t register here.  Register for each ride separately.  It’s set up that way so that people can choose to do all, some, or even just one of the rides.  Please register for the days you want to ride early to facilitate planning.  Registration will close on Sept 29th.

      The Plan

      Please register for the days you want to ride as soon as possible.

      Sunday, Oct 6th: Get you and your bike to Bend!  I may be able to help transport a few bikes and people.

      Monday, Oct 7th: Crooked River Canon Scenic Bikeway.  This is a 37 mile (round trip) out and back route through the Crooked River Valley with 1,285 feet of elevation gain.  We’ll depart Bend at 9:00 AM for the 45 minute drive to Prineville for a 10:00 AM roll out, then return to Bend after the ride.  Check it out!

      Tuesday, Oct 8th: Twin Bridges Scenic Bikeway.  This is a 36 mile loop leaving from downtown Bend that crosses the Deschutes river in several places as it rambles through the countryside.  Total elevation gain is 1,812 feet.  We’ll roll out of Bend at 10:00 AM for the ride.  Check it out!

      Wednesday, Oct 9th: Madras Mountain Views Scenic Bikeway.  This is a 30 mile loop through the agricultural area southwest of Madras with 1,175 feet of elevation gain. We’ll depart Bend for the 50 minute drive to Madras for a 10:00 AM roll out.  Those that do not want to do the day 4 ride can head back home or back to Bend to depart the next day.  Those that want to do the day 4 ride or are waiting for a day 4 rider (or want to go the Deschutes Brewery regardless of day 4 plans) will head back to Bend. Don’t forget to check it out!

      Thursday, Oct 10th: Sisters to Smith Rock Scenic Bikeway.  This is the long one.  It’s a 73 mile (round trip) out and back route through the high desert of Central Oregon with a total elevation gain of 2,294 feet.  We’ll depart Bend at 9:00 AM for the 30 minutes drive to Sisters and a 9:45 roll out.  Whether to head back to Bend, home, or someplace else is an exercise left to the individual.  If you’re thinking about riding it, check this one out too!


      It depends.  Specifically, it depends on who is interested in the tour.  I am happy to lead rides at a steady or moderate pace.   If there are enough people interested, I may try to recruit another ride leader so that there are two different pace groups.  If you are interested, please let me know when you register what pace you would like to ride.  I expect the day 4 ride to be at a moderate pace due to the length of the ride.


      The bike you’re comfortable with for normal club road rides, snacks, flat repair tools, spare tube, water, … the normal stuff.  Please give your bike a good check over before we begin since the routes are rural and there are not a lot of services along the way.  E-bikes are welcome in line with BIKES club e-bike policy.


      There are several options close together near Pioneer Park including:

      • Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott
      • Element Bend
      • Bend Riverside Rentals
      • Waypoint Hotel
      • Motel West
      • Days Inn by Windham Bend
      • Plenty of Air BnB's

      Tour logistics are the usual: you must take care of your own reservations, food, and travel arrangements.  We will likely have some ad-hoc group meals as part of the tour, but nothing pre-arranged.

      Ride Leader: Paul Heydron,, + 1 425 344 1543

      Weather: The area around Bend is usually mid 60s in early October with little rain, but weather is as weather does.

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