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This list of tours is tentative - organizers need to hear from you that you are interested, or a tour may be canceled. If there is an RSVP date, contact the Tour Leader by that date to express your interest and confirm details.

Be sure to check Ride Updates Forum, Forums, and BIKES Facebook group. Tour Leaders may post potential tour information to any of these seeking input on dates, destinations, or routes. If in doubt, contact the Tour Leader directly.

Tour Tips

  • Tours are for members of B.I.K.E.S. Club of Snohomish County - we welcome you to join the club!  Then, make sure your membership stays up to date! 
  • Riders cover their own costs for food and lodging and share transportation costs if applicable (for SAG or carpools). 
  • Riders typically make their own hotel/motel/camping reservations.
  • Have your bike in good repair and be ready to ride the terrain and the distances involved. 
  • Everyone should have the equipment and know how to deal with a flat tire.  
  • If you want to diverge from the intended routes, plan to communicate with the ride leader and be able to find your own way.

HS = hub & spoke (stay all nights in one hotel/motel or campground)

Credit Card = stay in hotel/motel, SAG luggage or carry your own

Self-contained = haul your own luggage for camping

BIKES Club rides and tours are for BIKES Club members only. If you're not a club member, you can easily JOIN HERE and then join us on our club rides and tours!

The fine print: insurance disclaimer

  • Rides of more than one day are considered a tour.
  • A tour shall not exceed 5 consecutive days of bicycling per insurance limitations.  
  • Tours over 5 consecutive days of bicycling require approval by our insurance provider.
  • All BIKES Club rides and tours are limited to the USA only per our insurance provider.

    Upcoming Tours

      • 27 May 2024
      • 9:30 AM
      • 28 May 2024
      • 6:00 PM
      • 9:30 AM Mukilteo Ferry
      • 8

      Port Townsend Overnight 

      Monday May 27 (Memorial Day) to Tuesday May 28

      Day 1- 9:30 AM Mukilteo Ferry-Langley, Bayview, Honeymoon Bay Rd, North Bluff Rd.,

                   2:45 PM Coupeville Ferry. To Pt Townsend.  

                    38 mi. 2700’  

      Route link:

      Day 2 Part 1- To Kingston. 46 mi. 3120 

      Route link:

      Day 2 Part 2- Edmonds Ferry to Mukilteo 15 mi. 1000’

      Route link:

      Total miles 100 mi

      Total Elevation 6800’

      Other important details: Make your own overnight arrangements. Private parking available 1 mile from Mukilteo Ferry by request.  Moderate-steady stay together pace.

      Please arrive early for a briefing, bring a copy of the route and a phone in the case you become separated.

      Ride leader name & contact information: Steve L. 425-210-3166 text 

    B.I.K.E.S. Club is a members-based club. You must be a member to join us on our rides and tours. Our dues are low and are a real bargain. Won't you join us?

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