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Joining Us for a Ride

Bicycling is a social sport. At BIKES Club of Snohomish County, we take both the “social” and the “sport” seriously. We enjoy each other’s company (and maybe a piece of pie) while seeing the sights and getting some exercise.

All BIKES Club rides are free beyond the membership dues.  There may be transportation fees paid by riders for ferries, trains, etc.  Riders are expected to provide their own food and drinks.  Riders will pay lodging, transportation, SAG and other costs during overnight tours.

The McClinchy Mile ride is an event where a discounted fee is paid by BIKES Club members who register in advance.  McClinchy Mile volunteers may ride for free.

All ride participants over age 18 are required to use Online Registration before each BIKES Club ride.

All ride participants must wear bicycle helmets which meet CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) standards.

Earbuds or headphones are not allowed on BIKES Club rides to help maintain situational awareness and communication with other riders.  Exception: one ear allowable for navigational information.

BIKES Club Rides During COVID-19: Some COVID-19 precautions will temporarily override other information on these web pages.

E-Bike Riders Read This:  E-bike riders and Ride Leaders should understand the BIKES Club e-bike policy.

Membership Options

BIKES Club rides are for BIKES Club members only.  The traditional annual membership provides BIKES Club members with access to all club rides and events for a full year.  A One Month Individual membership option provides an opportunity for non-members to join our BIKES Club for a month at a reduced price.  This option allows the One Month Individual member access to go on all rides for a month.  The One Month Individual membership option is a good way for new or visiting riders to experience the BIKES Club and get to know us. Key features are described in Member Benefits

Your First Ride With BIKES Club

  • If you are coming on your first ride with us, consider both the distance and the speed. To enjoy a 20-mile group ride, you should have ridden at least 10 miles once or twice in the past month. To move up to 30 or 40 miles, ride 20 or 25 miles a few times with the club first.
  • See Minor Riders section below for riders under age 18.

Ride Descriptions

  • BIKES Club rides range anywhere from 10 to 100 miles in length, with varying levels of difficulty from trails to mountain passes. Volunteer ride leaders lead weekend rides year-round and some also offer regular weekday rides.
  • Every ride has a listed pace, the speed at which the ride leader plans to go on flat ground. Some rides allow for varied rider speeds and abilities with re-groups along the way.
  • Upcoming rides and leader contact information are posted on the club's website - check both the Calendar and the Ride Updates.
  • If you are unsure whether you are ready for a certain ride, please contact the ride leader in advance.
  • Bicycle rides are typically one day activities.  Rides of more than 1 day are considered a tour.  A tour shall not exceed 5 days of bicycling per insurance limitations. 
  • A tour shall not exceed 5 days of bicycling per insurance limitations.
  • Tours over 5 days of bicycling require approval by our insurance provider.
  • All BIKES Club rides and tours are limited to the USA only per our insurance.

Expectations For All Riders

  • Have fun, ride safe and legal.
  • All riders must wear a bicycle helmet.
  • All riders are expected to understand and follow the Ride Safety Guidelines.
  • All riders must carry:
    • Personal first-aid kit.
    • Bicycle helmet that meets CPSC standards.
    • Spare tube and/or tube patch kit.
    • Tire pump or CO2 kit.
    • Basic tools.
    • Clothing appropriate for the expected weather.
    • Night riding:
      • White steady front light – required by Washington state law.
      • Red rear reflector – required by Washington state law.
  • All riders are recommended to carry:
  • Cell phone.
  • Rear view mirror on the helmet, glasses or bike.
  • Day riding:
    • White steady front light.
    • Red steady or flashing taillight.
    • High visibility outer clothing.
  • Night riding:
    • White steady front light.
    • Red steady taillight.
    • Reflective outer clothing.
  • Bike lock – if your bike will be left unattended.
  • Riders should proceed only when they feel safe.
  • Riders who pass the Ride Leader or go on a side trip are on their own ride if they get lost from the Ride Leader.
  • Riders get Rider Miles credit for the miles they ride with the Ride Leader.
  • Riders leaving the ride early must let the Ride Leader know.
  • Suggested route changes are at the discretion of the Ride Leader.
  • E-bike riders shall ride safely with the group.
  • E-bike riders are responsible to know where their e-bike may be legally ridden which may conflict with the planned route.
Minor Riders
  • Parent or legal guardian shall notify the Ride Leader of the number of minors before the ride to allow the Ride Leader to bring the required Club Ride Minor Release form for each minor rider.
  • Riders under the age of 18 will each need to have a completed Club Ride Minor Release form.
  • Parent or legal guardian must participate and ride with the minor.


BIKES Club Ride Scale:

The pace is the average speed on level ground with no wind.  The pace will be slower when climbing and with head winds, faster on downhills and with tail winds.



 Leisurely / Under 10 MPH


 Social / 10 -12 MPH

 A Mostly flat / Centennial Trail

 Steady / 12 - 14 MPH

 B Rolling terrain / McClinchy Mile

 Moderate / 14 -16 MPH

 C Rolling steeper hills / Camano Island

 Brisk / 16 -18 MPH

 D Difficult terrain / Whidbey Island

 Strenuous / Over 18 MPH

 E Very Difficult / Stevens Pass

Wild Apricot Members App:

If you have a portable device that is smart enough, Wild Apricot offers a Members app for both Android and Apple formats.  You can download the Wild Apricot Members app for free through the play or app store.  The Members app will allow you to:

  • See ride or event details.
  • Register for a ride or event.
  • Cancel from a ride or event.
  • See all rides or events you are registered for.
  • See who else is registered.
  • Check your profile.
  • And more.

B.I.K.E.S. Club is a members-based club. You must be a member to join us on our rides and tours. Our dues are low and are a real bargain. Won't you join us?

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