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BIKES Club Rides During COVID-19: Some COVID-19 precautions will temporarily override other information on these web pages.

Bike Everywhere Challenge

May is the Bike Everywhere Challenge.  This summer, numerous organizations are supporting you and your community rides through the 2021 National Bike Challenge. 

Starting with Bike Month in May and finishing with Cycle September, we're supporting everyone to ride. It doesn't matter if you've recently dug out your bike from the garage or if you're trying to claim the record on your local trail.

You may sign up for multiple teams.  A couple of suggestions are:

May Bike Month Activities

SnoCo Bike Bingo runs from May 21 through June 30. The game gives people extra reasons to ride, to explore your community, and support local business. The event is hosted by Sharing Wheels as part of the nonprofit’s commitment to promoting bike education, empowerment and community sustainability.

South Snohomish County’s Bike2Health bingo game runs May 1-31.

In celebration of Bike Month, the Snohomish County Transportation Coalition is sponsoring lunch-time panels on local bike infrastructure projects and Outdoors for All adaptive cycling opportunities.

About 20 teams from Snohomish County are participating in the Bike Everywhere Challenge this month. You can still signup and log your miles.


Riding a bike during an earthquake would likely be an unsafe situation.  An advance warning, even a few seconds, can provide enough time to stop before the ground starts shaking.  There might be enough time to take additional steps for your safety.

The  ShakeAlert earthquake early warning detection system is now available https://www.pnsn.org/pnsn-data-products/earthquake-early-warning.   

To activate this notification on your phone you can turn on a system setting. (It is not a separate phone app).  To learn more about turning on the detection capability on your phone go to https://mil.wa.gov/alerts.   

Also, the latter part of this King 5 video shows how to turn on iphone and android emergency alert notifications.  https://www.king5.com/video/entertainment/television/programs/new-day-northwest/live-with-glenn-farley-new-day-nw/281-dd3452ce-0fb6-4df1-bd63-dc86dac0cae8

On some android phones, look in the Messages app, then Settings, the Emergency Alert Settings, then Emergency Alerts.  

Online Ride Registration - Now for All Rides!

After months of development, the Online Ride Registration process is online.  There are several new tabs in the website header to help you with the changes.

  • All rides require online registration as described in the ride posting.
  • Ride Leaders will post rides to the Calendar; riders will login and signup for a ride on the Calendar; riders will login and cancel on the Calendar if they will not ride.

      Club Meeting 7PM Thu, September 9th, 2021

      The next BIKES Club meeting will be 7PM on September 9th, 2021. 

      The meeting location might be in person if the COVID-19 situation allows. 

      Otherwise, the meeting would be online using Zoom due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

      • You will need to download the free Zoom.com app ahead of time to the computer or smart device you will use. 

      • Make sure your microphone and camera are functional.

      • All BIKES Club members will receive an e-mail invitation with the Zoom meeting details.  Please do not forward this meeting notice or post on Facebook or other social media.

      The 2nd Thursday of each month from September to May are BIKES Club meetings for members. No regular meetings in the summer or December.

      We ride bikes for recreation and transportation.  And we talk about it at our meetings.  :)

      Club members -- join BIKES' Facebook group.  We've set our group up to share photos, ride reviews, bike or travel discussions, etc. Thanks to Dan Scott for managing our group, and to the many members who post.

      Community Stuff

      Make sure to Subscribe to the Community Stuff member forum to stay up-to-date on all things bike related.  All members may post and reply. 

      Find details here Community Stuff 

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