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BIKES Shift Talk 7 PM Monday June 1st:

Let's talk bike stuff with BIKES Club people.  We are socially distanced, but we can still ride bikes for recreation and transportation, and we can talk about it while being socially distanced.  Join us at 7 PM Monday June 1st on Zoom for some members-only talk about bike stuff we are doing now, and what we may do when the COVID-19 restrictions ease up.

You will need to download the free Zoom.com app ahead of time to the computer or smart device you will use.  Make sure your microphone and camera are functional. 

The actual meeting time will be limited to 40 minutes due to the "free" status of this Zoom account.  The 40 minute timer starts when the third (3rd) person joins in.

An e-mail is being sent to all BIKES members with the Zoom hyperlink specific for this meeting.  Please do not forward or post this meeting info on Facebook or other social media.

Bring your own beverage for an informal group chat.

National Bike Challenge / Love to Ride Washington

BIKES Club is an established group with Love to Ride Washington, a program of the National Bike Challenge of the League of American Bicyclists.  You can ride your bike and enter your own miles and compare how the BIKES Club does versus other groups.  There is a goal for the BIKES Club to ride 10,000 miles in May.  As Tuesday May 26th, it looks like we will fall short. 

You're invited to join BIKES Club of Snohomish County on Love to Ride. Check it out and join here: https://www.lovetoride.net/washington.  You will need to enter your own mileage each day you ride.  You can also enter miles from May 1st to now.  Results will be available for your review and entertainment immediately after data entry.

The website is fun to use and it helps to encourage people to ride bikes.

BIKES Club has gained National Bike Challenge prominence in the county, state and global level.  Your miles can help us meet our goal and show everyone what we do.

BIKES Club Rides During the COVID-19 Crisis

Update for May 1st, 2020: In accordance with Governor Inslee's extension of the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order as part of phase 1 to reopening business and modifying physical distancing measures, all BIKES Club rides are cancelled until further notice. 

Update for April 2nd, 2020: In accordance with Governor Inslee’s order to “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” for 4 more weeks, all BIKES Club rides are cancelled through May 4th.

Update for March 23rd, 2020: In accordance with Governor Inslee’s order to “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” for 2 weeks, all BIKES Club rides are cancelled through April 8th.

You can still ride solo or with family.  The Member Directory under the Member-only tab of our www.bikesclub.org website is a good way to stay in touch with BIKES Club friends.

McClinchy Mile - Camano Climb for BIKES Members Only August 16th

At the May BIKES Club meeting the decision was made to tentatively schedule McClinchy Mile - Camano Climb 2020 as a club members only event on August 16th.  While McClinchy is essentially an outdoor event, there are still many facets that take place in close quarters and don’t support the social distancing that is important while we work through our current public health crisis.  More details will be made available later. 

Snohomish County Parks Project Schedule for Paving Repairs

The Snohomish County Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism and Central Paving, LLC will be completing paving repairs at multiple park and trail locations between April 29th 2020 and June 30th 2020. Locations for scheduled work include the Centennial Trail, North Centennial Trailhead, Bryant Trailhead, Lake Cassidy Trailhead, Rhodedendron Trailhead and trail nearby, River Meadows Park, Willis D. Tucker Community Park, Paine Field Community Park, and the Interurban Trail. 


    Equipment Donations for a BIKES Club Memorial

    The BIKES Club is looking for donations of good bike stuff to be sold.  The BIKES Club is continuing the fundraising effort from last year for a BIKES Club Memorial on the Centennial Trail. If you have bicycle related stuff you are willing to donate please contact Drew Ellison at (425) 239-8700 or idrew@me.com .

    • Examples of donatable items include:
      • Bike parts including derailleurs, handlebars, brakes, pedals, saddles, shifters, etc.
      • Bike tools including wrenches, pumps, stands, etc.
      • Bike frames.
      • Complete bikes. 
      • Bike clothing like jackets, jerseys, gloves, etc. must be clean.
    • All donated items should be in good to like new condition.
    • All donations are not returnable.
    • Drew need all donations by March 6th to get it all organized, packaged and priced.
    • All donated items will be priced to sell on the day of the Bike Swap.

    Proceeds will be used for a future BIKES Club memorial to commemorate members who have passed away. 

    BIKES Club Member Benefits

    Support your local Snohomish County bicycle club. In addition to good karma, benefits for BIKES Club members:

    • Weekly rides for members
    • Ride With GPS club account
    • BOB trailer– borrow this to tow behind your bike
    • Bike box– free loan for safe airline travel
    • Event ride discounts – through North Puget Sound Bike Alliance
    • Club social events – picnic, year-end party and more
    • Support local advocacy

    Join BIKES Club today and start getting value from your membership. For information on the overall benefits of bicycling, see this article shared by an Everett High School student. 

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    1. Visit the Ride Updates page.

    2. Click on the “Subscribe to Forum” link on the right side of the page across from the "Create Topic" button.

    3. You will be prompted to log-in (use the email address where you get club e-mail and your password).

    4. Go to the Member Only section / Member Profile page of the website.  

    5. Click the “Edit Profile” button and the “Email Subscriptions” link to how often you receive updates. 

    6. Set “Ride Updates” to be delivered “immediately.”

    7. Click the “Save” button at the bottom.

    Now you will get an e-mail sent to you when someone posts a new ride or adds a change to the Ride Updates page.

    Club members -- join BIKES' Facebook group.  We've set the page up to share photos, ride reviews, bike or travel discussions, etc. Thanks to Dan Scott for managing our page, and to the many members who contribute interesting posts.



    Snohomish County Roads Central Updates

    WSDOT Weekly Snohomish County Roads Weekly Update

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    25 Jun 2020 5:00 PM • BIKES Club
    15 Aug 2020 •
    08 Oct 2020 7:00 AM • Snohomish County PUD Bldg, 2320 California St., Everett

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