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Club members -- join BIKES' Facebook group.  We've set the page up to share photos, ride reviews, bike or travel discussions, etc. Thanks to Dan Scott for managing our page, and to the many members who contribute interesting posts.

BIKES Poll #16 McClinchy Mile 2021 Results

The results of this poll was shared at the BIKES Club meeting on Thursday, November 12th.  The Details, Results Summary, and Results with Comments Summary are available for BIKES Club members only on this website under the "Member-only" tab, then select "BIKES Polls 2018 - 2019 - 2020", then scroll down to select the file of your choice for BIKES Poll #16 McClinchy Mile 2021.

BIKES Club Meeting 7PM Thursday December 10th, 2020

The next BIKES Club meeting will be 7PM on December 12th, 2020 online using Zoom due to the COVID-19 “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order from our governor. 

  • You will need to download the free Zoom.com app ahead of time to the computer or smart device you will use. 
  • Make sure your microphone and camera are functional.
  • All BIKES Club members will receive an e-mail invitation with the Zoom meeting details.  Please do not forward this meeting notice or post on Facebook or other social media.

The 2nd Thursday of each month from September to May are BIKES Club meetings for members. No regular meetings in the summer or December.  The meeting this month is a special holiday version.

We are socially distanced, but we can still ride bikes for recreation and transportation.

New Phase 2 and 3 COVID-19 Reopening Requirements

Update for October 6th, 2020:  The link below goes to the new (released October 6th, 2020) Washington state "Phase 2 and 3 outdoor bicycle, running, cross country skiing, and non-motorized boating: races, tours, and rides COVID-19 Reopening Requirements".  These new requirements appear to apply to activities with more than 12 participants, and not apply to activities such as ". . . 'fun runs' without participant timing . . .".  


No immediate changes are expected to the present BIKES Club Rides During the COVID-19 Crisis policy as described elsewhere on our BIKES Club website www.bikesclub.org.

These new requirements will be discussed at the next BIKES Club meeting.

BIKES Club Rides During the COVID-19 Crisis

Update for June 26th, 2020: Face masks are required at all indoor establishments and outdoors where proper social distancing cannot be maintained, per Governor Jay Inslee announcement.

Update for June 6th, 2020: Snohomish County was approved yesterday to go into Phase 2 of “Safe Start Washington”.  BIKES Club rides can start again with no more than 5 people per ride group as outlined below to comply with temporary government restrictions.  Be aware there are many differences from the “old normal”:

  • BIKES Club rides are temporarily for BIKES Club members only.
  • The Calendar will only be visible to BIKES members who are logged in.
  • All rides are RSVP to help ensure only 5 per ride group, including the Ride Leader.
  • Closed: most park restrooms, water fountains and parking at some parks.
  • Food establishments can reopen at reduced seating capacity, lines are likely.

Update for June 3, 2020:  The BIKES Club Board of Directors has approved the precautions below that we will use as we shift into Phase 2 of "Safe Start Washington: A Phased Approach to Recovery". 

Temporary Phase 2 Precautions for BIKES Club Rides During the COVID-19 Crisis

Online Ride RSVP

We recognize the inconvenience of the present RSVP process, waiver signing and waiver document storage. There must be a better way to do what needs to be done – something modern. A few energetic and knowledgeable members are developing a new process where:

  • Ride Leaders will post rides direct to the rides Calendar page on our website.
  • Riders will need to login and RSVP, or register, online through the ride posting on the Calendar page, then receive an e-mail confirmation. Riders may also cancel.
  • Riders will electronically check a box to “sign” the waiver as part of registration.
  • Ride Leaders will be able to access the list of registered riders.
  • Information will be retrievable for who “signed” the waiver, when, and for which ride.

A temporary phase is presently underway where a few rides are posted to the Ride Calendar with online registration (a.k.a. RSVP). This phase will require electronic waiver “signing” as part of the testing and signing the paper waiver as usual in a parallel testing scheme.

Signing the paper waiver before every BIKES Club ride is still required until further notice.

This new process will be a significant improvement for BIKES Club activities. More information will be provided as the process matures in development.

BIKES Club Member Benefits

Support your local Snohomish County bicycle club. In addition to good karma, benefits for BIKES Club members:

  • Weekly rides for members
  • A unique feature of BIKES Club is the tracking of the miles accumulated by club members on club rides throughout the year. Recognition is offered to those riders at the annual Year-End Holiday Party.
  • Ride With GPS club account
  • BOB trailer– borrow this to tow behind your bike
  • Bike box– free loan for safe airline travel
  • Event ride discounts – through North Puget Sound Bike Alliance
  • Club social events – picnic, year-end party and more
  • Support local advocacy

Join BIKES Club today and start getting value from your membership. For information on the overall benefits of bicycling, see this article shared by an Everett High School student. 



Snohomish County Roads Central Updates

WSDOT Weekly Snohomish County Roads Weekly Update

How do I add to Ride Updates (Changes)?
Login and select Club Rides, Ride Updates.  Then select Create Topic. 

Put the following in the subject for the ride title:
"Day of Week, Month & Day, Start time, Title of Ride".

To Login, enter your email address for the User ID, then your password.  If you don't have a password, select "forgot password" and one will be sent to you and you can change it.

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