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BIKES Club Rides During COVID-19: Some COVID-19 precautions will temporarily override other information on these web pages.

E-Bike Riders Read This:  E-bike riders and Ride Leaders should understand the BIKES Club e-bike policy.

Ride Leader Vests:

Several years ago, BIKES Club provided unique orange vests with the BIKES Club logo for Ride Leaders.  We are out of the popular vest sizes, and we do not expect to order any more in the near future.  Meanwhile, we have new Ride Leaders without a Ride Leader vest.  If you have a Ride Leader vest that you do not expect to use, please consider returning it for reallocation.

Attention Ride Leaders:

  • COVID-19 persists

Temporary Precautions for BIKES Club Ride During the COVID-19 Crisis

  • Online Ride Registration

All rides require online registration as described in the ride posting on our website Calendar page.  This is part of the new normal for BIKES.  Efforts are underway for future non-member riders to use online registration.  BIKES Club is moving toward 100% paper free for all registrations and waivers.

  • Max Group Sizes

Ride groups may now have 12 riders or less as determined by the Ride Leader.  The number includes the Ride Leader.  The ride posting and registration page should indicate the maximum number of riders for the ride.

  • Ride Leader Program Guidelines Rev B

There have been a few updates to the Ride Leader Program Guidelines, enough for a Rev B to be released after approval by the BIKES Board on June 23rd, 2021.  These revisions include:

o   Updates for public visibility of rides.
o   Cancellation and ride date change process
o   Assorted corrections.

    Club Meeting 7PM Thu, February 10th, 2022

    The next BIKES Club meeting is set for 7 PM, February 10th, 2022, and will be online using Zoom due to the persistent COVID-19 situation.  BIKES Club members will be e-mailed the agenda and meeting details.

    • You will need to download the free Zoom.com app ahead of time to the computer or smart device you will use. 
    • Make sure your microphone and camera are functional.

    • All BIKES Club members will receive an e-mail invitation with the Zoom meeting details.  Please do not forward this meeting notice or post on Facebook or other social media.

    The 2nd Thursday of each month from September to May are BIKES Club meetings for members. No regular meetings in the summer or December.

    We ride bikes for recreation and transportation.  And we talk about it at our meetings. :)

    Club members -- join BIKES' Facebook group.  We've set our group up to share photos, ride reviews, bike or travel discussions, etc. Thanks to Dan Scott for managing our group, and to the many members who post.

    Community Stuff

    Make sure to Subscribe to the Community Stuff member forum to stay up-to-date on all things bike related.  All members may post and reply. 

    Find details here Community Stuff 

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