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Sat. Dec. 8th BIKES Holiday Party - RSVP by Thurs. Dec. 6th

Please RSVP your intent to attend by notifying Elaine Scott at (425)355-4510 or scott.elaine.m@frontier.com to let her know you will be attending the party. That way she can buy the correct amount of ham to prepare for the gathering. 


  • Saturday, December 8, 2018
  • 6pm - 10pm

Address: Waltz Bldg (Blackman House Museum)

116 Avenue B, Snohomish 98270


$5 cash per person at door; this goes towards rent for the venue


    • Bring a nice gift (no white elephants!) for gift exchange, value about $15, wrapped
    • Potluck dish to share
    • BYOB/ to share (commercially-produced only, no home made beverages)


    Prizes for best "Ugly or NOT" holiday sweaters.  Wear yours with pride help pick the winners!

      Club provides:

      • Paper plates, eating utensils, paper cups, napkins
      • Water, coffee, tea
      • Ham

      Dinner buffet style - ham plus food & desserts brought for sharing

      Santa Bill:

      • Gives prizes for rider miles
      • Draws name for gifts and that person goes to gift table and gets a gift. No exchanges. When everyone has a gift, everyone opens their gift at same time.

      BIKES Club Member Benefits

      Support your local, Snohomish County bicycle club. In addition to good karma, benefits for BIKES Club members:

      • Weekly rides for members
      • BOB trailer– borrow this to tow behind your bike
      • Bike box– free loan for safe airline travel
      • Event ride discounts – through Northern Bike Club Alliance
      • Club social events – picnic, year-end party and more
      • Supporting local advocacy

      Join BIKES Club today and start getting value from your membership. For information on the overall benefits of bicycling, see this article shared by an Everett High School student. 

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      Club members -- join BIKES' Facebook group.  We've set the page up to share photos, ride reviews, bike or travel discussions, etc. Thanks to Dan Scott for managing our page, and to the many members who contribute interesting posts.



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      20 Dec 2018 10:00 AM • McCollum Park, west parking lot
      20 Dec 2018 12:00 PM • BIKES Club
      27 Dec 2018 10:00 AM • Snohomish Library on the Centennial Trail side parking

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