B.I.K.E.S. Club of
Snohomish County


B.I.K.E.S. Weekend and Weekday Club Rides

 Leisurely / Under 10 MPH  
 Social / 10 -12 MPH
 A Mostly flat / Norman Road
 Steady / 12 - 14 MPH  B Rolling terrain / McClinchy Mile
 Moderate / 14 -16 MPH
 C Rolling steeper hills / Kitsap Peninsula
 Brisk / 16 -18 MPH
 D Difficult terrain / Whidbey Island
 Strenuous / Over 18 MPH
 E Very Difficult / RAMROD

Train for that big ride with BIKES.  Are you signed up for a century (100 mile ride), Seattle to Portland, or another big bicycle ride this summer?  Riding with experienced BIKES Club members can be part of your training plan. Our training series includes two rides a month based on the STP training schedule. Most rides are free, though some events with fees are included in the schedule. You must be a member of BIKES Club to participate - you can join after your first ride with us. We hope to have both a beginner group aiming for 12-14 mph average, and a more advanced group. Look for the TR symbol on the Rides Calendar. Website tip: click on Switch To List View to find all the training ride listings at a glance..

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