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McClinchy Camano CLASSIC cENTURY

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Stanwood Middle School, 9405 271st St NW - free parking  

Register Here.  Registration closes at noon April 27

Biking Camano Island offers beautiful water and mountain views plus 1 mile of climbing in the full century route. There's also a metric century (65 mile), an island perimeter (50 mile), half island (35 mile) or flat 15 miler.

Four "Grand Tour" themed food stops, SAG support and choice of gourmet tacos at a local brewpub are included in ride fee.

Five Great Routes To Choose From

The 2024 routes will be about the same as 2023. However, routes are subject to revision and updates up until a week prior to the event. If you download and save the routes earlier than April 23, please refresh your files.

As riders must share the road with vehicles, none of our routes are recommended for children under 16.

  • 103 mile Century Route. Start training now for this very challenging, very beautiful ride comprised of three distinct loops. First head north and enjoy a food stop at historic Bonhoeffer Gardens. Next you'll ride the entire perimeter of Camano Island. Finish with the flat and fast Stanwood Farms Route. Elevation gain: 5,269 feet.
  • 65 mile Metric Century Route. Combine the Camano Perimeter and Stanwood Farm routes for a real test of your legs. 3 food stops. Elevation gain: 3,200 feet. 
  • 50 mile Camano Perimeter Route. Very challenging, but worth it! 2 rest stops to keep you fueled as you enjoy the water views, trees and beach houses. 
  • 35 mile Camano Route. Hilly with beautiful views of mountains and Sound. Rest stop at Cama Beach State Park. Elevation gain: 2,229 feet.
  • 15 mile Stanwood Farms RouteSay "hi" to the cows on this scenic, mostly flat ride. Route is on quiet back roads, but includes a few miles on a rural highway. Elevation gain: 349 feet.

All routes start and end at Stanwood Middle School, 9405 271st St NW. Parking is free. For your post-ride celebration, SAAL Brewing is just a few blocks away.

40th Edition cycling cap may be purchased for $21 during registration. Made in the USA by Walz Caps.

Past year souvenirs will be on sale at the start in Stanwood.

Rest Stops & Support

Our rest stops offer fresh fruit and food, water, restrooms, and friendly volunteers ready to provide other support. Arlington VeloSport will offer mechanical support in the morning at Stanwood Middle School. Sharing Wheels Community Bike Shop volunteers will have tools and support at Cama Beach State Park.

SAG vehicles will be on the routes to assist with minor issues (flat tires, transport back to start). HAM radio volunteers are providing communication support between rest stops.

Food Stop Locations

  • Stanwood Middle School - We'll have coffee and tea here during morning check-in. Then food for participants as you complete route loops.
  • Bonhoeffer Gardens - for century riders only, this "mini-stop" has native plants, historic interpretive signs and of course snacks, water and porta-potties.
  • Cama Beach State Park - Big trees, water views, a shelter and flush toilets,. Visit the beach if you want an extra hill.
  • Walter Hutchison County Park - Refuel on the south end of the island for Camano Perimeter riders (50, 65, 103 miles).
  • SAAL Brewing - A choice of meat or vegetarian tacos will be ready to serve, and the company of fellow riders will again be grand. Indoor and outdoor seating options. Food included in your ride fee. Buy your own local beer or cider. 

E-Bikes Welcome

All classes of street-legal e-bikes (class 1, class 2, class 3) are allowed to participate in McClinchy. If your motorized bike is not street-legal as defined by Washington State statutes, please do not register to ride. In that case, how about dusting off your good ol' traditional pedal bike and riding that? 

E-bike riders should be aware that Camano Island is especially hilly. Since e-bikes are heavier and riders may use a lot of battery and run out of juice before the finish, please be prepared and self-sufficient. Maybe bring an extra battery? Our SAG drivers may not be able to carry e-bikes on their vehicles, so have your own support person on call. 

Regarding COVID and Other Illnesses

Please stay home if you feel ill. McClinchy Camano Classic Century will follow all public health guidelines in place at the time of the event. As a bike event, most of your time will be outside. At the start line, riders will check-in to get your bibs, but will not need to sign any additional waivers since that is done during online registration.  

About McClinchy Camano Classic Century (aka McClinchy Mile, McClinchy Camano Climb) 

For our 40th ride edition we have updated the event name to reflect our long and varied history. The first McClinchy Mile was hosted by B.I.K.E.S. Club of Snohomish County Oct. 3 1982 out of Monroe, WA. It was named after an early club member Stuart McClinchy who died too young.

Camano Island and the Stanwood Camano Kiwanis became part of McClinchy in 2019. Prior to that, the Kiwanis had hosted the Camano Climb Bike Ride for more than 25 years.

McClinchy is a major fundraiser for both B.I.K.E.S. and Kiwanis. In addition to supporting the bike club, B.I.K.E.S. gives grants for bike-related projects such as Everett's Sharing Wheels Community Bike Shop and helmets to go with bikes for low income kids at Christmas House. The Kiwanis use event proceeds for a high school scholarship program. 

40th Edition:  We came back after 2 years of COVID cancellations for our 40th anniversary ride in 2022. But this year will be the 40th event (we think). Despite some years with snow, downpours and other discouragements, McClinchy riders have always persevered.

B.I.K.E.S. Club was founded in the 1970s and hosts recreational bike rides year-round for members. To learn more see our Calendar page.

What Does Your Ride Fee Pay For?

Support Your Local Bike Club

McClinchy proceeds support B.I.K.E.S. Club of Snohomish County. We host rides for members year-round as well as social events like a club picnic and holiday party. McClinchy helps keep our dues affordable. We also like to build community by bringing together area cyclists for our annual event. Thanks for being part of it.

Charitable Donations

Every year, some of the funds raised during McClinchy go back into local communities. A few of the charities we've supported regularly over the years include Sharing Wheels Community Bike Shop, Christmas House in Everett and Stanwood Camano Food Bank. Last year we donated over $5,000 of grant money to these organizations thanks to McClinchy riders.

We pay event partners the Stanwood Camano Kiwanis $5 per rider to host rest stops. They use their proceeds for a local high school scholarship.

Event Expenses

Insurance is our biggest expense. As an organized ride renting various public venues and using public roads, we are required to carry insurance. Last year it cost about $12 per rider. 

Food. We like to make sure there is plenty of filling, healthy food at all 4 of our rest stops. We also pay for the gourmet tacos at SAAL Brewing. excess food is donated to the Stanwood-Camano Food Bank.

SAG support. Volunteers drive the route, but we support them by reimbursing mileage and providing tubes and basic supplies to help participants on the road.

Marketing. We need at least 200 riders to break even for all the work and expense we put into McClinchy. And event rides are more fun when you have people to ride with. 

Equipment & Storage. It takes dozens of signs, rest stop supplies, registration materials, bike tubes, cans of paint, water jugs and more to host a big bike event. We have bought all those over the last 40 years - and need to add or replace equipment over time. During the rest of the year, we pay to store all the stuff.

Event Sponsors 

Arlington VeloSport


Camano Island Chamber of Commerce

B.I.K.E.S. Club is a members-based club. You must be a member to join us on our rides and tours. Our dues are low and are a real bargain. Won't you join us?

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McClinchy Camano Classic Century

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