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Our Bicycling Future is Bright

  • 26 Dec 2021 9:27 AM
    Message # 12216154
    Rick Proctor (Administrator)

    Our Bicycling Future is Bright

    Rick Proctor

    There are good reasons why the future for bicycling looks bright.  Despite the gloom brought about by the COVID situation over the past couple of years, bicycling has flourished around the world.  The growth in the popularity of bicycling has brought it onto the radar screens of policymakers at the national level.  The recently approved federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill has provisions to significantly improve infrastructure for bicycling and walking across our USA.  This is the largest such bill in history.

    We have opportunities to influence how the bicycling infrastructure will be implemented in our region.  The Infrastructure Bill provides guidance for how the funds will be used through federal, state, county, and local community transportation organizations.  These organizations usually provide a means for public input, and these days those input opportunities are available via the internet.  In-person meetings can grow out of the initial internet contacts.  This is how we can document our voices within the transportation development process.  When many of us make meaningful inputs, the better we are heard.  Your voice through your inputs will help make a difference.

    Below are suggestions for you to electronically receive bicycling advocacy news, surveys, and information to get familiar with what’s coming up that you can influence.  Other cities, counties, and states have similar capabilities.

    • Washington State Department of Transportation (, then select “Construction & planning”, then scroll down to near the bottom to find and select “Sign up for email or text updates”, then input your e-mail or phone number, then carefully select your Subscription Topics:
      • Under “News” select “Active Transportation News Updates”.  You will also see lots of other competition for funding and attention.
      • Under “Construction, Planning & Projects”, then under “Western Washington construction”, the under “Northwest (Seattle, Everett, Bellingham, Bellevue)” select “Snohomish County News”.
      • Under “Planning & Studies”, select “WA State Active Transportation Plan”.
      • Under “Research”, then under “Transportation Research”, select “Bicycle and Pedestrian Research”.
    • Snohomish County, WA - Official Website | Official Website ( (, then select “Subscribe to County E-Newsletters”, then input your e-mail or phone number, then select your Subscription Topics:
      • Under “Planning and Development Services” select “Light Rail”.
      • Under “Public Works” select “Pathways for Active Transportation”, then under “Road Projects” select the trail and road projects that may be of interest to you.  Note: many road projects include bicycling infrastructure like bike lanes, etc.

    The wheels of government turn slowly, especially when it comes to spending large amounts of taxpayer $$ for transportation infrastructure.  After signing up for infrastructure notifications, patience is needed as there may be a long time before a topic becomes noticeably active.  When notifications do arrive, your timely review and submission of inputs is needed.  We will find satisfaction in seeing the results of our influence take shape as the infrastructure is designed, built and put into use, making this a better place for all of us to live and ride bikes.

  • 28 Dec 2021 7:48 AM
    Reply # 12219987 on 12216154
    Dan Scott (Administrator)

    Rick, you’ve done a ton of work here. Thanks for giving us a “one stop shopping center “ for cycling advocacy information. 

  • 01 Jan 2022 12:33 PM
    Reply # 12230785 on 12216154
    Lou Rivetti (Administrator)

    Ditto what Dan said - good work finding those sources.    Guess we can call this Rick's winter snow project.   

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