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Ride Updates

Forum for posting Ride Changes to the website.  All members have create, read, comment permissions.

To add to Ride Updates - log in and then on this page click Create Topic.
In the Topic Subject put "Day of Week, Month & Day, Start Time, Title of Ride".

To receive notices about Ride Changes - on this page click Subscribe to Forum.

Then - Go to Member Only/Member Profile and click Edit Profile
Under Email Subscriptions you may change the notification frequency for each Forum that you subscribe to.
Then click the Save button in the lower left corner.

 Leisurely / Under 10 MPH  
 Social / 10 -12 MPH
 A Mostly flat / Centennial Trail
 Steady / 12 - 14 MPH  B Rolling terrain / McClinchy Mile
 Moderate / 14 -16 MPH
 C Rolling steeper hills / Camano Island
 Brisk / 16 -18 MPH
 D Difficult terrain / Whidbey Island
 Strenuous / Over 18 MPH
 E Very Difficult / Stevens Pass

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