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Weekends & Tours 2018

BIKES Club tours and weekends are put together with the idea that riding and sight-seeing are more enjoyable for a group. 

The following list of tours is tentative - organizers need to hear from you that you are interested, or a tour may be canceled. Contact the ride leader by the RSVP date to express your interest and confirm details.

Tour Tips

  • Tours are for members of B.I.K.E.S. Club of Snohomish County - we welcome you to join the club!  Then, make sure your membership stays up to date! 
  • Riders cover their own costs for food and lodging, and share transportation costs if applicable (for SAG or carpools). Make your own reservations.
  • Have your bike in good repair, and be ready to ride some hills and the distances involved. 
  • Everyone should have the equipment and know how to deal with a flat tire.  
  • If you want to diverge from the intended routes, plan to communicate with the ride leader and be able to find your own way.

HS = hub & spoke (stay all nights in one motel/campground

Credit Card = stay in hotel/motel, carry own luggage

Self-contained = haul own luggage for camping

May 19-20 Yakima Wine Ride (HS)

Bob & Viv Biesiedzinski, 206-595-3822, bobbez@gmail.com

Most people will camp at Yakima Sportsman State Park. If you are not a camper there are motels in the area.  People need to make their own reservations in advance. Remote start both days. Saturda we'll stops at several wineries. Saturday evening potluck dinner at camp. Sunday Naches ride 24-32 miles. 

RSVP to ride leaders no later than April 29.

May 29-June 2 Old West Scenic Bikeway, Ore. (self-contained)

Dan & Elaine Scott, 425-501-6198 scott.dan.l@frontier.com 

Self-contained*, luggage SAG, tenting and camping. 175 total miles, rated challenging; see link to Bikeway info

RSVP to ride leaders no later than April 29.

June 10-15 Centennial Trail to 9-Mile Falls, Idaho/WA (Credit Card)

Rick & Cindy Proctor BikeHound@comcast.net 

4 days riding, starting in the city of Couer d'Alene/ 2 days driving (there and back).. 120 miles total, 22-34/day, paved trails & associated roads. No camping, but must haul gear from motel to motel.

RSVP to ride leaders by March 10th

June 22-24 Olympic Discovery Trail (HS)

Bob & Viv Biesiedzinski, 206-595-3822, bobbez@gmail.com

Camping or motel options. The ride starts at the Sequim Bay State Park, (Bob & Viv’s campsite TBD) and travels west through the town of Sequim and then through lavender fields as we make our way to the Straights of Juan De Fuca and the town of Port Angeles. The trail is primarily “A” terrain, with a few spots that are “B-C”. We ride at a steady pace with stops to regroup, and refresh, along the way. Plan for a 60+ mile round trip. Pack a picnic lunch as we will stop along the Straights for a picnic! There will be a “potluck” dinner at our campsite on Saturday evening after the ride 

RSVP to ride leaders by April 29th

Aug. 12-17 Trail of the Couer D’Alenes, Idaho (Credit Card)

Rick & Cindy Proctor BikeHound@comcast.net

Four days of riding, 17-52 miles per day. Self-contained credit card tour, carry own luggage. Ride the entire paved trail, roundtrip.

RSVP to ride leader by May 12th

Aug. 14-17 Vancouver, BC (HS)

Clarence Elstad 425-268-8550 or celstad@gmail.com 

Three days of riding, all paved. Hub & spoke with central accommodations. Contact ride leader for info.

RSVP to ride leader by July 1st

Aug. 24-27 Port Angeles Area (HS)

Clarence Elstad 425-268-8550 or celstad@gmail.com 

Three days of rides on paved trails  based out of Port Angeles motel.

RSVP to ride leader by May 1st.

Sept. 10-13 Spokane, WA (HS)

MaryJo Gerst, maryjo1532@hotmail.com

Tues. Centennial Trial 50 mi; Centennial Trail west 30 mi; Thurs.Post Falls- Couer d'alene 34 miles; Fri. TBD. Hub and spoke with lodging/camping options. Steady pace with scenery stops.

RSVP to ride leader.

Sept. 15-16 Birch Bay Farm Tour (HS)

Bob & Viv Biesiedzinski, 206-595-3822, bobbez@gmail.com

Camping and biking weekend based out of Birch Bay State Park – make your own reservations early.

RSVP to ride leader.

September California Coast (self-contained)

Rick Proctor, bikehound@comcast.net

Take 5 to 6 weeks to ride from Crescent City to the Mexico border. Self-contained tour with camping and hotels – no SAG. Will get to start via train and bus. Train & bus to start, train back to home.1,200 miles, 30 - 60 miles / day, 1 - 2 rest days / week. Ride on the Adventure Cycling Pacific Coast Route.

RSVP to ride leader by June  1st

Sept. 20-23 San Juan Islands (HS, Credit Card)

Debby Grant debby@jaygrant.com

Ride San Juan, Lopez and Orcas Islands. Details about start location, date and time still to be determined. 3 riding days, 30-35 miles/day, hilly, self-paced with regroups, lots of local sights to see, maps and cue sheets available. Credit card Hub & Spoke w/luggage SAG, hotel w/possible camping option

RSVP to ride leader by June 1st.

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