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B.I.K.E.S. Club of Snohomish County – Ride Leader Guidelines

Ride Leaders - Please read and follow the Ride Leader Guidelines. The guidelines contain important information that will support you as a ride leader and as a representative of BIKES in the community:

Remember this rule - All club members and guests are welcome on club sponsored rides in which they are skilled to participate and arrive prepared to ride. BIKES does not discriminate based on sex, gender, race, religion or ethnicity. Ride leaders are required to adhere to these principles and guidelines.


  • E-bikes that meet what Washington state call Class 1 are covered by our insurance on BIKES Club rides and events. Class 1 e-bikes provide less than 750 watts of battery electric powered assistance only when the rider is pedaling and ceases to provide assistance when the bicycle reaches the speed of 20 mph.
  • Washington state also defines Class 2 and Class 3 e-bikes, which are not allowed on BIKES Club rides and events. 
  • Throttle controlled e-bikes are not allowed on any BIKES Club ride or events.

Prior to the Ride: Choose your route or destination: Think of a route you like, a place you’d like to ride to (favorite park or bakery), or a type of ride you haven’t seen listed in a while. Make sure you ride or drive the route and are familiar with any potential "trouble spots" (intersections, high traffic areas, lack of shoulder).

List your ride on the BIKES website calendar: By the 18th of the month prior to the month of your ride, send your ride listing to leadaride@bikesclub.org . Include the following information in your listing, in this order:

Day of week and date;
Title of ride;
Start location and time;
Description of route, food stop information;
Distance, Pace and Terrain Code (A, B, C, D);
Ride leader name & contact information;
Weather constraints.

Example: Tuesday, July 23 - Everett to Snohomish via River Rd. Meet at the Everett Station for a 9:30am start. We’ll ride out to Snohomish along River Rd and return on Riverview. Food stop in Snohomish. RT 25 miles, moderate pace, A-B terrain. Rider leader Joe Smith, 425 999-0000, emailaddress@email.org.

List an ad hoc ride on Ride Changes: Go to www.bikesclub.org/ridechanges and follow the directions for logging in and adding Ride Changes.

Put the following information in the Ride Changes ride title: Day of week, date (month & day), start time and title.  In the description, include start location, distance, pace, terrain code, ride leader name & contact information and weather constraints.

If you are a new ride leader: Please let the Ride Coordinator know. We will make sure to have an experienced leader contact you ahead of time and attend your ride to provide support. Contact the Ride Coordinator by sending an email to leadaride@bikesclub.org.

Prepare a map or cue sheet of your route: This isn’t required for stay-together rides, but people often appreciate knowing where they are going! Put your name and cell phone number on the cue sheet.

Day of Ride: Check the weather before the ride begins: Even if the weather is questionable, you should go to the ride start in case any riders show. Also, you can post encouraging (“we’re riding no matter what”) or cancellation (“forget it, it’s pouring”) notices on the Ride Changes page on the website.

Bring with you: 

• BIKES ride leader sign-in sheet (available on the website);
• An accident/incident form (available on the website);
• Your prepared cue sheet or map
• Club membership information, if available;

Before heading out on the road, please cover the following:

• Introductions - make everyone feel welcome;
• Ensure everyone signs the BIKES liability release;
• Invite non club members to join;
• Remind non club members of the “one ride” insurance rule – club insurance is in force for guests on their first ride only;
• Review group riding: staying together, signaling obstacles, regrouping after hills, waiting at intersections, riding single file on trails and busy roads, etc. (see back of ride sign in sheet);
• Ask if anyone has any questions about the ride before leaving the start;
• If you have a large group and other past ride leaders present, try to recruit a “sweep";
• Route - where you are going, major stops, restroom location, etc.

During the Ride: 

• Keep to the listed pace (you need a speedometer):

Leisure Under 10 mph Moderate 14 – 16 mph

Social 10 – 12 mph Brisk 16 – 18 mph

Steady 12 – 14 mph Strenuous Over 18 mph

• Periodically check to ensure you haven't lost anyone;
• Signal problems, such as glass or potholes;
• At a food stop, let everyone know length of stop and estimated time of departure;
• Consider what to do if:

o Someone can't keep the pace or is racing ahead;

o There’s a medical emergency;

o Flats or other minor bike repair issues (usually the whole group should wait);

o Someone wants to change the ride route;

o There’s a change in weather

After the Ride: 

Thank everyone for coming!
Invite non-members to join the club – again point out insurance requirements;
Let riders know about other upcoming rides or meetings they may be interested in;
Report the ride miles and attendees to ridermiles@bikesclub.org;
Return the completed sign-in sheet to the club president (at a meeting or by mail);
Most of all...make it safe and fun!

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